WIFF 2020 Moves Online!


The Weengushk International Film Festival (WIFF) will be moving online for our third edition of the festival from July 9-12th, 2020. WIFF is a celebration of storytelling through film. We are pleased to bring together industry veterans, new and emerging independent filmmakers, and everyone in between for a film festival that is entirely experienced online.

We remain committed to our core philosophy to present the highest quality films that emphasize Indigenous voices and educate audiences, human rights, social issues, and the environment but without forgetting the need for films that are pure entertainment for film lovers and families. We are excited to take these philosophies to an online film festival.

The full lineup of films and online events will be announced in mid-June on the Weengushk International Film Festival website.

At its core WIFF is an Indigenous-based organization. Its objects target those in Canadian society with lived experiences similar to those of aboriginal peoples. WIFF desires people whose voices have historically been marginalized and whose stories are under-told, if ever told. It sets out to eradicate injustices in Canadian society while simultaneously transforming the film industry’s inadvertent exclusionary tendencies.

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