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The first annual Weengushk International Film Festival took place from July 13th to 15th 2018

Humanitarian Award 

Juliana Sprott and Linda McCain

Best Film

RUMBLE: The Indian Who Rocked the World

Best Student Film

Brian Fowler

Award of Excellence

Chrystal Shawanda

Best Director

Tasha Hubbard

Honourary Award

Nathaniel Arcand

Tribute Award

Joshua Mark Yesno–Baa

Best Actor

Sladen Peltier

The inaugural Weengushk International Film Festival is now “in the can,” having brought together an “A” list of films created in both established production houses working with budgets in the millions of dollars and through the budding talents of young artists operating on a shoestring and a diet consisting largely of pizza and caffeine. The mix was a popular success with those who are veterans in treading the red carpet into a gala award ceremony and those who were just lucky enough to have scored seats in the audience.   

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