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La Gente de la Tierra (The People of the Earth)

Directed By:

Mitchell Tijerina, Benjamin Keller



“We are the people of the Earth - we are not simply on the earth, we come from the land itself.” -Maria Mamani Reyes La Gente de la Tierra (The People of the Earth) is a documentary feature of vignettes from six indigenous communities across Peru, with intimate first-hand accounts about their connection with the Earth and the effects of climate change and globalization witnessed in their remote communities. The film features interviews with a diverse set of 30 individuals across Peru in 5 different languages, all who have cultures and spiritual practices shaped by the natural world. The narratives of these communities who live in direct contact with the earth can have a profound effect to influence global perspectives on climate and respect towards the natural world. Both educational and artistic, the film's sweeping majestic images and messages of cultural and ecological conservation offer a refreshing perspective on the relationship between humankind and mother earth.

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