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Finding Peace

Directed By:

Lancelot Burton, Agnieszka Pajor



The Final Report of the National Inquiry reveals that persistent and deliberate violations and abuses of human and Indigenous rights are the primary cause of Canada's alarming rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQ people. Change is needed, and it is needed now. Interwoven with the artistic process of creating a bronze statue, this film is a journey from the distant past, when indigenous women were the leaders of their communities, to the present day, in 2020, when, for the first time in history, First Nation, municipal, territorial, and federal governments came together to make change. Yukon has taken the leading role within Canada with the monumental task of implementing the MMIWG2S+ Strategy. It was determined that commemoration is a small but crucial step in building a better future.

Run Time


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